10 Questions | Bear Hands

Bear Hands Ju$t Another Rich Kid Ken Courtney CITYWe had the pleasure of interviewing 8 bands for the current issue of CITY, which I will post over the next few week here. And yes, we know there are only 8 questions here, but we lied a little to group these with the other 10 Questions band interviews.

Up next: our favorite favorite band Bear Hands, who have their first full length record coming out in November!!!

With their debut single “What a Drag,” Bear Hands proves to be anything but. They’ve quickly joined the ranks of Brooklyn wonders (alongside MGMT and Vampire Weekend, with whom they’ve also toured) and have already been around the block in a short amount of time, playing festivals like SXSW and Siren Music Festival. By the time you read this, these Brooklyn boys will be huge.

1. Whose music has most influenced yours?
Toss up between Debussy and Shostakovich.

2. What’s your favorite or least favorite aspect of the music industry in the age of the Internet?
Favorite is that all our friends are getting famous. Least favorite: all these other idiots are getting famous.

3. Where was the best show you’ve played so far?
Oklahoma City was a surprise hit. Probably not our best show, but it was an enthusiastic crowd where we were expecting only apathetic prairie folk and car bombers.

4. Who would you most like to tour with?
Deerhunter or Das Racist.

5. In a perfect world, who would you have produce your next record?
Kevin Drew or Timbaland.

6. Lady Gaga — yes or no?

7. Do indie bands have groupies?
No, indie bands have girlfriends.

8. Do you do karaoke? If so, what’s your song?
Not usually, but after a show last year, a drunk girl in Columbus, Ohio dragged us to karaoke night at the bar next door. We sang “Like a Prayer.” It was shit.